London Recruits – the secret war against apartheid, by Lee Gordon.

This article was published in Spanish on 4 May 2014 in Artilleria, a weekly supplement to Correo del Orinoco (The Orinoco Post), a Venezuelan newspaper founded by Hugo Chavez. Lee Gordon is a British journalist who works for Correo del Orinoco.

LEANING back in his seat, Pete Smith glanced nervously out of the aircraft window.

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Presentation to the Cuban Ambassador

London Recruit Peter Smith has presented a copy of our book to the Cuban Ambassador, Her Excellency Teresita Vincente, as a way of thanking the Cuban government and people for the training that he received in Cuba. He made the presentation on 29 June 2015 at the Ambassador’s residence in St John’s Wood, London, at a reception arranged by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. She was very pleased to receive the book, with a broad smile on reading the back cover.

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Danny Schecter Tributes

Ronnie Kasrils pays tribute to Danny Schechter, who died 19 March 2015.

Danny Schechter, the News Dissector, Dies in NYC at 72

Tribute to Danny Sschecter by Anant Singh producer, ‘MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM

‘I was a leaflet bomber’


This article, about London Recruit Bob Newland, appeared in the "First Person" feature in the FT Weekend Magazine, 10 Jan 2015.

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This is a photo, received in January 2015, of the yacht Aventura that was used by Liverpool seamen in an abortive attempt to land a detachment of ANC fighters on the South African coast from Somalia in 1972. The yacht, once owned by US President F D Roosevelt, and used by the Beatles, has recently been restored and does cruises down the coast of California under the name Potomac. The story of this bold project is told in our book. Much additional (and intriguing) information is to be found in ANC - A View From Moscow by Vladimir Shubin, Jacana, South Africa, 2008.

This interesting report by the BBC, about the truck used for the "Secret Safari" arms smuggling operation, somehow manages to avoid mentioning that the drivers and tour guides were all white non-South Africans, mostly British people, acting in solidarity with the ANC.

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