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SOAS University of London

This is an excellent video of the meeting on tracing the life of O R Tambo in which I was a panellist. It was at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London on 26 April. My speech starts at 49 minutes and 22 seconds. I also speak later in response to questions from the audience. (That is me on the right). Archie Sibeko (on the left) is 89, by the way! O R Tambo was the leader of the ANC in exile during the 27 years that Mandela was in jail.


Hinterland: A Documentary

A new documentary by 18-year-old student film maker Ruby Parker-Harbord, about Jo Lewis and Mike Harris, who smuggled large quantities of weapons into South Africa.


Podcast of Sean Hosey and Steve Marsling on BBC Radio 4, 30 June 2012

On Saturday 30 June 2012, Recruits Sean Hosey and Steve Marsling were interviewed, live, on BBC Radio 4's programme Saturday Live. Sean does a separate interview after the news interval, in which he reveals information about his treatment in prison that he did not reveal in his chapter of the book. Steve and Sean were both members of the Young Communist League. YCL London District Secretary Bob Allen recruited Steve, who in turn recruited Sean. On his second mission, in 1972, Sean was arrested in Durban, tortured, kept in solitary confinement, and jailed for five years under South Africa's Suppression of Communism Act. In this interview, he gives a very moving account of his experiences.

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