Sean Hosey, Frances O'Grady, Bill  McCaig, Norman Lucas, Ken Keable & Alex Moumbaris
"A must read". TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady reviews our book.
Frances O’Grady sent this review out to union reps on 9-10 Feb 2015 after she was presented with a copy of the book by editor Ken Keable, accompanied by Alex Moumbaris and Sean Hosey. She seemed very moved on learning that these two London Recruits had served long prison terms in apartheid jails. The presentation of the book happened at the unveiling, in Liverpool, of a plaque to honour the Merseyside seamen whose stories are told in the book. The plaque, paid for by Liverpool City Council, was unveiled on 30 Jan 2015 by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson and Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey, both of whom had known some of the seamen.
Ms O’Grady wrote:
London Recruits: the Secret War Against Apartheid
This brilliant book tells the incredible and inspirational story of how ordinary British men and women – the London Recruits – joined the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Edited by Ken Keable and featuring personal recollections from many of those involved, it shows how this international activism helped defeat one of the great evils of the twentieth century. The astonishing individual stories collectively tell a tale of immense courage, revealing how working people risked everything to fight for equality, freedom and democracy.
Despite huge dangers, they offered moral and practical support to the liberation movement, keeping the flame burning for justice in the face of extreme repression from the apartheid state. Of note was the role played by the British trade union movement – not least the National Union of Seamen – whose members acted as couriers, delivering messages, documents and funds to the ANC. Underlining the true value of international solidarity, this wonderful book shows that when workers join
Dedicated to the Merseyside seamen who travelled to support the ANC.
together across borders and continents – when workers stick together irrespective of race, colour or creed – it is possible to change the course of history. A must read.
Mr Obed Mlaba, the South Afrian High Commissioner,  and Liverpool Mayor Cllr Joe Anderson, with a picture of the yacht Aventura

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