Report of visit to Liliesleaf Farm, Johannesburg and Cape Town March 2015

By Bob Newland.

On March 6th 2015 a new exhibit dedicated to MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the ANC) was opened at Liliesleaf Farm Museum. The museum is on the site of the farm where the leadership of MK organised the armed struggle against apartheid until their arrest in a raid in 1963.

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Liliesleaf exhibit opening - speech by Bob Newland

Honoured Guests, Comrades

It is a most humbling moment to be here for the opening of the new exhibits including that dedicated to the London Recruits a number of whom are here today:-

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Opening of the London Recruits section of the Liliesleaf Farm Museum, Rivonia

Liliesleaf Farm Museum visit 6 March 2015

Liliesleaf Farm at Rivonia was the birthplace of MK and of the armed struggle. On 6 March 2015, some of the London Recruits went to South Africa, by invitation, to attend the official opening of a small section (or 'exhibit' as it is called there) of the museum devoted to our story. This coincided with the opening of a section devoted to the history of MK, the armed wing of the liberation movement. The event was attended by former President Kgalema Motlanthe, several former government ministers such as Sydney Mufamadi, Essop and Aziz Pahad, veteran MK activists, academics, etc. The meeting was addressed by Bob Newland for the Recruits, the Cuban Ambassador, a former GDR Ambassador and Ronnie Kasrils, who sent most of us London Recruits on our missions.

 The actual truck used by London Recruits for the “Africa Hinterland” arms-smuggling operation is part of the exhibition. Here are some photos and speeches connected with the visit.


Danny Schecter Tributes

Ronnie Kasrils pays tribute to Danny Schechter, who died 19 March 2015.

Danny Schechter, the News Dissector, Dies in NYC at 72

Tribute to Danny Sschecter by Anant Singh producer, ‘MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM

‘I was a leaflet bomber’


This article, about London Recruit Bob Newland, appeared in the "First Person" feature in the FT Weekend Magazine, 10 Jan 2015.

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This interesting report by the BBC, about the truck used for the "Secret Safari" arms smuggling operation, somehow manages to avoid mentioning that the drivers and tour guides were all white non-South Africans, mostly British people, acting in solidarity with the ANC.

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