The National Education Union is producing a teachers' pack about the London Recruits. At the union's conference in Bournemouth this weekend, a fringe meeting was held to promote the project in advance of publication of the pack. Here is a report from Steve Marsling.

 On Sunday we handed out some 500 flyers for the Recruits event, and on Monday morning handed out some 500 Morning Stars to delegates, which contained an eight page insert on the NEU Conference with an article on the Recruits written by myself. The meeting had 3 speakers: Mary Chamberlain, Chitra Karve, Chair of ACTSA, and Steve Marsling, Coordinator of the teachers' pack. The meeting also had a zoom message from Ronnie Kasrils.  Gordon Main gave a short introduction and then showed 12 minutes of the film. Gordon told the meeting that the filming had finished and that the whole production would be completed by the end of June, ready for a first showing in July.

 The meeting was attended by just under 70 people, including the NEU President, Daniel Kebede, who gave a short address thanking both the international department and the Recruits. The meeting was a great success, the audience enthusiastic. I brought along six Recruit books and sold the lot. We are invited to a second launch of the pack at the NEU International Solidarity meeting on Saturday 2nd July at the Hilton Hotel in Bloomsbury London. More details to follow.

This interesting report by the BBC, about the truck used for the "Secret Safari" arms smuggling operation, somehow manages to avoid mentioning that the drivers and tour guides were all white non-South Africans, mostly British people, acting in solidarity with the ANC.

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